What our Clients Say About our Inspection Services

Hi Dan,
I wanted to write a note of thanks for your very thorough inspection of the house
we were considering.   You gave us a lot to think about after the day of the
inspection, and as a result of the detailed observations you made on that day, we
decided not to get that property (even before receiving the written report!).  
We have now moved on to another property and we are waiting to hear if our offer
was accepted.  If so, we will be back in touch to schedule another inspection.
Thanks again -
the cost of the inspection was money well spent and we plan
to refer Meyers Home Inspection to everyone we know!
Denise D., Plainfield, NJ April 3, 2013

Hi Dan!
Thank you for an amazing report.  It is really thorough. You are a fantastic
inspector and if we do buy the house i promise to put your sign out front for
Beth P, Montclair, NJ January 25, 2013

Just got this (home inspection report), thank you for services! Will be in touch if
need be and be assured I will not hesitate to pass the word on of your outstanding
services...thank you!
GShabx2, Edgewater, NJ May 22, 2012

Hi Ron,
Thank you for the reports.  We were very impressed with the inspection services
you provided to us and the speedy report turnaround time.  The information Dan
provided us with yesterday was not only extremely informative but prevented us
from buying a real "money pit" for lack of better terms.  We will definitely be repeat
customers when we find another house.  
Sincerely, Linda D., West Caldwell, NJ December 5, 2011

Thank you very much for your swift (delivery of the home inspection) report. It
came just in time. We will have a weekend to think about the right approach for
this purchase.  We really appreciated your efforts.
Best,   Wei,    Montclair, NJ  December 3, 2011

Thank you very much (for the home inspection services).   You and Dan have
been very helpful through this (home purchase) process.   Please give Dan my
Roman , Livingston, NJ, October 7, 2011

Thank you Ron!
It's been a pleasure working with you and Dan.
Madeline C., Bloomfield, NJ September 21, 2011

Thank you for this
(home inspection) report.  I really enjoyed having Dan as my
inspector and he really made my first home inspection fun and educational.  He
was very friendly and addressed all of my concerns.  I will definitely recommend
your services to others and I will also use your services again.  I was very
impressed with Dan's  knowledge and thoroughness.  He's a great guy!  Please
thank him for a job well done!
Kind Regards,
Janetta P., Union NJ  September 6, 2011

Thank you very much for a job well done . Dan was really great in explaining
everything and inspecting the house. He pointed a lot of things for me and his job
was greatly appreciated. I will recommend you to everybody I know that is buying
or going to buy a house. Thanks again.
George H., Manalapan, NJ  June 4, 2011

… thank you for the  (home inspection) report, Nicole and I were extremely happy
with the level of detail and professionalism provided on the day (of the home
inspection). We also felt very reassured with the information given.
Stuart R., Stockton, NJ May 6, 2011.

Thank you to both you and Dan for all the help and feedback you've provided us
in this home inspection process. We really appreciate it and are extremely happy
we chose MHI Services to do our home inspection!  
Monika and Brandon,  Clifton, NJ  April 29, 2011

Dear Ron & Dan,
I am (now)  in my new home in Berkeley Heights. I highly appreciated the
professional and thorough inspection MHI Services provided. This was very
important in selecting a home to purchase.
Katherine C, Berkeley Heights, NJ April 15, 2011.

You have done such an outstanding job . I will recommend you to everybody I know.
Issa A. , Clifton, NJ  April 12, 2011

Thank you, Ron.
Dan was truly a pleasure to work with. To say that your company is highly competent
and knowledgeable would be an understatement.
Robert B., Montclair, NJ  February 28, 2011

Thank you.  The report was excellent and helped us in many ways to understand what
work we need to do on the house.
Megan C., Basking Ridge, NJ  February 15, 2011

Thank you, especially to Dan who was great during the inspection.  We really
appreciated all the information you provided us!
Judy N., River Edge, NJ November 17, 2010

Thank you very much (for the home inspection and report).  The report looks good and
Dan was very helpful as well as informative.
Thomas D, Clifton, NJ, October 11, 2010

The home inspection has been very helpful in letting me know what I need to have
done for the house.  I really appreciate the follow up information as well.
Ken P., Highland Park, NJ, Sept. 7, 2010

Mr. Meyers,
Thank you for the reports.  My wife and I will go over them in detail this weekend and
let you know if we have any questions.  It was nice meeting Dan and we thought he did
a very thorough job. We also appreciated all the great advice he gave us. We are glad
we hired MHI services and will definitely recommend to our friends and family.
Thanks again!
Sameer,  Clifton, NJ, August 5, 2010

Thank you for all your help on such short notice. Your work product is very impressive
and has been very helpful.   I will certainly recommend you when the opportunity
presents itself.
Thanks again, Barry F. Livingston, NJ,  August  2, 2010

Hi Dan & Ron,
I wanted to thank you both for expediting home inspection report to me quickly.  I very much
appreciate all you both have done to work with me.
Mary C.  Greenbrook, NJ,  July 24, 2010

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you once again for such great work in the home
inspection that was conducted in Aberdeen, NJ.  Everyone showed utter professionalism,
which these days, seems to appear so fleetingly.  As for the report format, I am impressed
with how it is organized, the level of detail, quality of photos as supporting evidence, and
your forthright assessment, and recommendations.
While I know it is your job to put together such a comprehensive report, you have also saved
us many headaches and expense for which we are truly grateful.
Donna L., Manalapan, NJ, June 5, 2010

Thank you for the great job you did.  :)
-Paulo D. Denville, NJ, May 10, 2010

It was a pleasure dealing with you and Dan. I will be sure to refer you clients whenever I can!
Thanks, Nicole M, Caldwell, NJ,  April 27, 2010

Thank you so much for the timely report. It was a pleasure to have worked with Dan who took
the time to explain things and was very professional. Definitely provided plenty of insight.
Mario and Nadine, Madison, NJ, April 14, 2010

It was a pleasure to meet Dan yesterday.  He was very thorough and took the time to explain
to us everything he was looking for and why it was important.
Kind regards and thanks again for getting our inspection scheduled so quickly,
Julie,  Maplewood, NJ, March 31, 2010

I used your services for a home inspection on a house I bought in Edison a few years ago. My
companion is in the process of purchasing a house in North Brunswick and I have
recommended you to him. We both thought you did a very good job and was impressed with
your thoroughness and professionalism. He will contact you via phone when the attorney
review is complete. I would like to know how much advance notice you will need, and I am
assuming you cover the North Brunswick area.  
Judy S., Edison, NJ, March 21, 2010

Hi Ron:  Thank you for sending us this report.  It underscores the importance of doing these
things BEFORE you buy a house so you know what you are getting yourself into.
Dan did an excellent job obviously and caught some things we need to look into.
Susie & Scott F, Millburn, NJ, January 28, 2010

Thank you for providing a detailed, thoughtful and fair report on the home we are planning to
purchase.  It was great dealing with a professional.
Jean & Jeff, New Providence, NJ, November 2, 2009

Thanks for the great observed inspection. I'd recommend your company to anyone. I'm
impressed with the details presented on the report. Job well done!
Vanessa M., Elizabeth, NJ, October 11, 2009

I just wanted to take a moment to express my satisfaction with the inspection services
provided by your firm. You inspector Dan was so thorough and knowledgeable, it was exactly
what I expected from my purchase. It was a valuable experience which helped me gain great
insight on the property I am purchasing. The report detailed all issues perfectly including the
trouble with the furnace which Dan found. We asked for the seller to service the HVAC in our
presence to confirm the furnace worked and the seller actually had the furnace replaced
instead!  If I come by other home buyers in the future in your service area, I will gladly
recommend your firm.
With great appreciation,
M. Q., Marlboro, NJ September 24, 2009

Yes, we will definitely recommend your group to any of our friends looking for an inspector.  
Wayne L, Teaneck, NJ August 5 ,2009

Thank you very much for the wonderful service.  Dan was very thorough, and the report looks
Best regards, Benjamin C., Mountainside, NJ,  July 28, 2009

I am very pleased with (Mr. Ramos) the inspector you sent. He was very good and
represented your company very well. I look forward to viewing the report. Thank you in
advance for your prompt response in this matter.
Sincerely, Jason M., West New York, NJ, June 29, 2009.

Dear John and Ron,
Thank you for this very thorough home inspection report.  We are very pleased with your
services.  Thanks for the tips.  We asked our attorney if he would like an emailed copy, but he
said that the fax was fine.  Thank you for offering though.  Thanks for everything.  Our home
inspection by John and the written report both exceeded our expectations.
Alexis R., West Orange, NJ, June 23, 2009

Dear Mr. Meyers,
I would like to thank you for the excellent service that Dan has provided. It was a great
experience to walk through the property that we are going to buy with Dan. Dan not only
inspected the property in great detail but also provided the thoughtful information regarding
the future home care to us. The inspection report is also very through and in great detail. I
really appreciate your service and would recommend to my friends in the future.
Lichin,  Florham Park, NJ, April 27, 2009

Please relay our thanks to Dan for the Home Inspection he conducted
this past Saturday for us at …… in Maplewood, NJ.  As with the
earlier inspection on the first house we looked at, Dan was once again
extremely informative and a pleasure to work with!
Erica & Donald, Maplewood, NJ, April 7, 2009

Hi Ron,
Dan did a such a great inspection for us in Maplewood, we want to do it again! Joking aside,
that deal did not pan out, and we are preparing to inspect another home in Maplewood, NJ.
We thought very highly of the detail and patience Dan showed us, and would love to have
him do this one for us as well.  We are working with a quick timeframe, and wanted to know
what your availability is this weekend.
Erica & Donald,  Maplewood, NJ,  March 30, 2009

Thanks Ron,
If I haven't mentioned yet, we appreciate your efforts and really professionally done
inspection and report.  It was a pleasure to see you work.
Regards, Vinay S., New Providence, NJ  March 13, 2009

Hi Ron,
Please thank Dan for us for the great job he did -- and for all of his patience -- last Friday.  We
really appreciated his attention to detail and all of the useful advice he gave us throughout
the process.
Erica & Donald, Maplewood, NJ March 3, 2009

Hi..  You inspected a home for me a few months back in Springfield, NJ.  Due to the stucco
issue on the home, we actually backed out of the house.  We are now pursuing a home
actually around the corner.  We felt that Dan did a fabulous job and we appreciated his
thoroughness and honesty.  You also recommended the stucco guy who was GREAT and he
found SEVERAL issues which really helped up us make a crucial decision so thank you!!  This
current house has NO stucco and we are hoping there are fewer problems!!
C. S., Springfield, NJ January 22, 2009

Confirm, with many thanks, the receipt of your reports.
It's been a pleasure doing business with you.
Please give my thanks to Dan as well…
Best regards,
Adrian B., Mountainside, NJ December 10, 2008

This report is absolutely fantastic.  I am in utter amazement how thorough it is and am so
thankful to have used your services.  So many issues were brought to light and without this
report we could be sinking a huge amount of money into this home without knowing in
advance.  I would highly recommend you to anyone in need of a home inspection.
Thank you again.
Kirsty G., Somerset, NJ December 9, 2008

This (home inspection) report is absolutely fantastic.  I am in utter amazement how thorough
it is and am so thankful to have used your services.  So many issues were brought to light
and without this report we could be sinking a huge amount of money into this home without
knowing in advance.  I would highly recommend you to anyone in need of a home inspection.
Thank you again.
Kirsty G., Somerset, NJ December 9, 2008

On behalf of my wife and I, we feel very strongly that the services you and Dan provide are
unsurpassed and we will gladly refer your company to future clients whenever asked. Dan
has been a pleasure to deal with and his expertise has been extremely enlightening and
most welcome. We feel he really saved us from purchasing a "Money Pit" a few months ago
with his discerning eye towards detail. Due to this last experience, I went over the house we
are currently under contract with a microscope before we made a bid on it.
I have been a Production Electrician and Stagehand on Broadway for the past 14 years and
was in the building trades before that. When we started out looking for a new home 2 years
ago, I read every training book and web site on home inspections I came across. The
knowledge I have acquired pales in comparison to walking alongside an experienced,
Licensed Home Inspector like your son, Dan. I spent months vetting through many inspection
company's web sites and their sample reports via ashi.org, but your reports by far are the
best produced out there, especially the feature of incorporating actual site photos into it.
Once again, a heartfelt thanks.
Frank Linn, Roseland, NJ December 2, 2008

Thank you very much. Your excellent knowledge, experience and very
careful job are very helpful. We are very lucky to hire you for my
home inspection. My best wishes for your continuous success.
Yibing, Edison, NJ November 20, 2008

Hello...Thanks for a very professional job. It's greatly appreciated. Feel free to offer my name
as a reference.
Bob Ardis, Hawthorne, NJ November 16, 2008

Thank you Dan!
It was a pleasure to see you working
It is indeed a very detailed report.
Thank you again!
Constantin Z, Metuchen, NJ  November 12, 2008

Dear Ron,
Thank you so much for the report.  It's very comprehensive and detailed
and exactly what we were looking for.
Regina T., Tenafly, NJ October 14, 2008

Please let me have the privilege of thanking you for all the wonderful help and cooperation
you and your team members have offered throughout the process of buying our new home.
Raj N, Clinton, NJ October 2, 2008

I just wanted to thank you and Dan for the home inspection report.  I am very pleased that I
selected your service and also very pleased with Dan as he very courteous, patient and
professional .  I will certainly recommend your service to anyone that needs a home
inspection.  Thank you again!
Jack W, Livingston, NJ September 16. 2008

Dear Ron
...I would like to forward my thanks and appreciation to you for the excellent home inspection
provided by Dan Meyers on 9th September 2008.  He was an absolute professional and
answered all our questions to the best of his ability and more importantly, he was able to
conclude that there were indeed structural problems with the property that required
extensive repairs.
Suni V., Bayonne, NJ September 10, 2008  

Dan was exceptional - Partnering with your company was absolutely the
right move.
Steve F, Colonia, NJ September 6, 2008

Ron, Thank you. I truely appreciate the responsiveness shown.
Rajeev N., Warren, NJ August 18, 2008

Thank you for the reports, I have shared them with the appropriate parties.  The
thoroughness was appreciated as are the recommendations.   It was quite eye opening to say
the least.  I may have questions at some point, but for now, I think we have what we need.  
Thank you and Dan again.
Sincerely, Alden R., West Orange, NJ, August 15, 2008

To Dan,
Thanks for the inspection report.   I've skimmed though it and it looks both detailed and
thorough.  We'll read and digest it tonight.  We both appreciated your attention to all details
of the house's condition and the simple, yet concise, way of explaning probable issues.    
Describing the patio as a "roof" - since it was protected an interior basement room from the
outside elements - made it very clear what correction might be needed to prevent water
intrusion.  Making reference to a similar problem in one of Frank Lloyd Wright's designs also
Thanks again, Pat & Yolanda, Berkeley Heights, NJ, July 23, 2008

Thanks so much for your quick and thorough work, Ron.
Lenny, R., Rahway, NJ,  July 14, 2008

Thank you.  We are very pleased with your services.
Patrick C., Flemington, NJ July 1, 2008

Thanks, I've had a chance to review the report. The report was clear, concise and
comprehensive. I thought we would receive a high quality report, but it definitely exceeded
my expectations. My realtor and attorney were very impressed.  Dan was very professional
and knowledgeable. He took the time to explain the issues he found and answer my many
questions. The pictures he took really helped lend support to the issues noted in the report.
I will definitely recommend you! Please feel free to use me as a reference.
Best regards,
Jim Robinson, Westfield, NJ June 21, 2008

Hi Ron,
Just wanted to let you know we received the 3 documents you sent, the home inspection
report, the termite inspection, and radon report.  Would also like to let you know we were
very happy with the entire process. Dan was very courteous, pleasant, and took the time to
explain his findings. It was clear he was very knowledgeable about each aspect of the
inspection. The final report was clear and concise and very professional. I also appreciate
receiving them in PDF format via e-mail. My friend Michael D. was present for the inspection
and shared my sentiments. He is developer/builder who I currently have a project with and
has seen many inspections so I have a high regard for his opinion. I will be sure to
recommend your services to anyone who requires a home inspection.
Best Regards,
Amrik S. B., Oakland, NJ May 16, 2008

Thank you. I also want to say that Dan did an excellent job on the inspection and that we
be more pleased with how he explained things to us and laid out the report.
Brian C., Warren, NJ May 5, 2008

Dear Ron and Dan,
Thank you very much for such a helpful and comprehensive  (home inspection) report.
All the best,
Lisa C., Piscataway, NJ May 3, 2008

Dear Ron,
I have to say that I am so pleased with the service we have received from your company. We
had only 15 days from signing our contract to have our home inspection done, so I was
concerned about finding someone who could help us. You were extremely helpful in
expediting the process for us. Our inspector, John, was so helpful and courteous when I met
him for the inspection. He answered all of my questions in a way I, being a first-time
homeowner, could understand. He was very professional, as he would not discuss any
information in front of the current homeowner. He took many pictures to include in our
written report, and he was just a really nice guy. I would highly recommend your services to
anyone in this area that needs a home inspection done quickly and thoroughly.  
Val K., Parsippany, NJ April 29, 2008

Thank you very much Ron.  The report uncovered a lot of areas that we will need to address,
but I assume most houses you inspect have a similar lengthy list of issues.  I don't think Dan
reported anything that we'd regard as a deal-breaker, but I am hoping the seller will be
somewhat amenable to addressing some/most of the issues you have reported on.
My wife and I are very happy with the throughness of your work and will gladly recommend
Meyers to others.
Alex L., Livingston, NJ April 28, 2008

Hi Ron,
I just wanted to write you a note to let you know how pleased we were with our home
inspection. Being newlyweds, and relatively young, the process of buying our home has been
exciting, stressful and at times very frustrating. As much as I researched and learned what I
could about home inspection, I did not know what to expect and was very nervous. Our home
inspector, Dan, made us comfortable right from the start with his obvious knowledge and
attention to detail. I am a bit of a perfectionist myself, so I was very impressed with his
precision in taking photos and making notes. Not only did he treat the inspection as if it was
his own home, but he explained each step of the process to us. He made it clear to us what
he was testing for, what the results were, and our options for remedying each situation. He
answered all of our questions, sometimes even before we even asked them! I was so
impressed with how much he knew about homes, and he spoke to us on a level that we could
understand, without sounding condescending. From experience, I know that there are many
companies out there, in all sorts of fields, that try to take advantage of consumers. I
constantly find myself disappointed with the service, or representatives of other companies.
That is why I felt compelled to write this letter, and let you know how satisfied I was with Dan's
inspection, and our experience with your company. I want to thank you for putting us at ease
with one of the biggest purchases of our lives. We are very grateful and look forward to
referring you to our friends and family.
Christina C., Bloomfield, NJ, April 9, 2008

Mr. Meyers,
I would like to let anyone that is looking for a professional, detailed, honest and reliable
home inspection that Meyers is the company to use!!!!  I have had inspections in the past,
however, Dan was the most professional and knowledgable person that I have ever seen.
I currently have 2 co-workers that are house hunting and I have already given them the
Inspection company to use when the time comes....MEYERS!!
CF, Englewood, New Jersey, March 6, 2008

Thanks for getting the report to me so quickly.  Also wanted to mention that John was
excellent, he was very detailed.  I am very pleased with your services.
Thanks again, Iris M., Carteret, NJ February 4, 2008

Dear Ron and Dan:
This confirms receipt of home inspection and termite inspection reports.
Thanks very much for your great timely help. I will contact you with any questions I may have.
with regards,
Krishnan, Edison, NJ January 30, 2008

Thanks so much for expediting these (home inspection) reports.  My fiancée and I really
appreciate the thorough job on the inspection report.
Joe A. Glen Ridge, NJ January 30, 2008

Ron -
I appreciate the quick turnaround and thoroughness of the report.
You provide the best home inspection service I have seen.
Bill L., Whippany, NJ December 7, 2007

Hi Ron-
Thank you very much for your inspection report.  It was excellent!  I will recommend you to
other people who need home inspections in NJ.  
Steve B., Vernon, NJ, November 3, 2007

I wanted to thank you for the thorough home inspection.
We're very pleased with the report.
Bryan G., Nutley, NJ, October 29, 2007

I just wanted to say that Dan did an outstanding job on the inspection. He was very thorough
and very well versed in all aspects of the home systems inspected. I found him to be down to
earth and very friendly. He answered all my questions to my satisfaction on the day of the
inspection. As you know this is my first home purchase and I have found the experience very
nerve wracking initially but I think the manner in which the inspection was conducted and the
forthright manner in which the questions were answered significantly lowered my anxiety
level. His inspection report is second to none. I have also gotten a favorable estimate to
install an extraction fan system to eliminate Radon to well below the maximum acceptable
level. Thanks to your services I have a really good handle on what I am getting into. I should
be closing on the property on or before Friday, November 2nd.
Sincerely, Fawad C. , Denville, NJ, October 28, 2007

Thanks very much for your help and the inspection report.  You and Dan did a great job.
We still have a lot to learn, but are really enjoying the house and Maplewood.
Brenda B. Maplewood, NJ October 23, 2007

Hi Ron and Dan,
Just wanted to thank you again for the inspection on Saturday. I enjoyed it, learned a great
deal, and, more importantly, found out some important things about the condition of the home.
Mike Bisaccio, Verona, NJ September 15, 2007

Thank you so much.  I've not bought a home before so have never had an inspection, but
yours seems really thorough (which is comforting) and easy to follow.  I would definitely
recommend your service!
Kind regards,
Amy, Jersey City, NJ September 10, 2007

Hello Ron,
I just wanted to let you know that Dan did a great job at our home inspection
today.  He throughly explained his findings so that we have a good idea of what the
house has been through before we arrived.  We would not hesitate to refer him to
our friends.  Thank you,
Jennifer, West Orange, NJ, August 22, 2007

Hi Ron,
Thank you so much for the professional and prompt inspection of 115 highland
Ave. We have forwarded the report to our lawyer and looking forward to work
with you in future.
Kayvan & Nick, Jersey City, NJ Aug. 21, 2007

Hi Ron,
Just wanted to send you a quick note on how pleased we were with Dan
Meyers. He was really great. We walked through the inspection with him
for well over 2 hours. Dan was pleasant and informative. He had a really
great, sincere, unbiased attitude throughout the process and obviously
knew his stuff when it came to houses and everything that makes up a
house. He really made us feel like we had picked the right guy to inspect
this house which is such a big thing for us. An amazing thing happened
which neither Monica or expected to happen - that was, in going
through Dan's inspection we actually learned a great deal about the house. It
was a part history and part science lesson. When it was over we really
felt like we knew the house a whole lot better than we did before the
inspection. This will be our first house. If we ever end up selling
this one and buying another, you guys will definitely be our choice for
inspectors and I would definitely recommend your services to others. Well
done Dan - we love old houses, and not sure if you are suppose to
enjoy home inspections, but we enjoyed this one and learned a lot that will
protect our interests for the future.
Scott L. and Monica M., July 3, 2007, Red Bank, NJ House, from New York, NY

Please send my sincere thanks to John who has conducted a very thorough on-site
inspection in a very professonal way!
Junfeng (Jim), July 2, 2007, Belle Mead, NJ, from Parsippany, NJ

Ron, Dan,
Thank you very much for such  high professional home inspection report. This  
(report) is certainly - a piece of art! We are sad that this house might not be our
future home , but at the same time we are very pleased that we select you as our
home inspectors and we can't wait to call you again to inspect our next future
home.  Please let Dan know that we are very greatfull for his attention to details, all
answers and explanations.
Thank you,
Milada, June 20,  2007, Metuchen, NJ

Hi Ron,
Thanks for sending in the report. I havent gone through it yet, but will probably
call you if we have any questions. Gaurav enjoyed working with Dan and found him
to very patient in answering all of his queries.
Have a good day,
Deepti, Warren, NJ June 11, 2007

Dear Mr. Meyers,
I appreciate your prompt report and Dan was great to work with.  I feel
very confident in your work and will speak with you once I've had a
chance to look through this.
All the best,
Stephanie, Madison, NJ June 11, 2007

Thank you Ron. Appreciate you and Dan’s prompt and thorough service.
Eric, Berkeley Heights, NJ April 26, 2007

Thank you so much for your promptness in sending our report.  It was a pleasure
to work with you and we will certainly refer others to you.
Beth C., Boonton, NJ March 23, 2007

Thanks for taking care of that for me; I received a copy of the radon results on
Monday.  I just wanted to thank Dan and you for sending a very detailed report
and doing a great job with the home inspection.  Dan was very knowledgeable and
nice, and he took the time answer any questions I had.  In the future, I will
definitely use your company again, and I will not hesitate to recommend you to
others.  Thanks again for everything.
David G., Greenbrook, NJ March 21, 2007

Thank you.  Please tell Dan that I am impressed with his attention to
detail and professionalism during the inspection.
Gladys G., February 7, 2007
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